About Us 

Watershed Restoration Group (WRG), privately owned and operated, was founded specifically as an ecological restoration implementation company. We provide services to local, state, federal, tribal agencies, non-profit organizations, and private clients. Our team of dedicated supervisors, professional planters, and restoration technicians has an impressive reputation and history of project success. We strive for a quality product and satisfied clients by encouraging ownership and pride in our work. We assure thoughtful, well-planned, well-managed installations by a professional team. 

Our projects vary from small installations of a few thousand specially placed seedlings to large multi-year installations of hundreds of thousands of seedlings yearly, in diverse ecosystems from wetlands and riparian habitats to high desert and forested lands. 

Our services Include:

  • On-site consulting, site planning, and evaluation
  • Native plant installation of all sizes, from seedlings to mature trees
  • Native plant procurement
  • Stream bank stabilization and bio-engineered soil lift construction
  • Property management for cleanup, habitat, and vegetation conversion
  • Mined land reclamation
  • Native plant/sod salvage and transplant
  • Native seed collection for plant propagation
  • Cuttings / live stake collection and installation 
  • Fencing exclosures for browse control 
  • Weed suppression applications
  • Mulch applications
  • Irrigation design, installation, and maintenance
  • Long term project oversight and maintenance
  • Experienced large-scale project management and implementation

Watershed Restoration Group

Comprehensive Ecological Restoration Contracting