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Field Crew Positions
We are hiring! Looking for motivated, hardy folks that want to join our ecological restoration team -- tree planters and restorationists.

This is a great gig if you're the right fit.

It's a labor position - the work is physically demanding, production-oriented, and fast paced. But not a grunt position - the work is rewarding, the company is supportive. Please be bright, independent, and adaptable. Must be quality-focused! Be prepared to be on the road traveling, working 10-12 hours/day, 6 days/week in all weather conditions, seasonally. We'll be planting native seedlings, constructing soil lifts, collecting and installing willow cuttings, building fence, installing browse protectors, managing vegetation... We work across the Intermountain West on an assortment of projects - revegetation, riparian restoration, channel construction, sage-grouse / wildlife habitat, wetland mitigation, mine reclamation... 

Look through the website (although somewhat archaic, it gives a decent image of our work and projects).

The rest is best explained in an initial phone chat.

Send me a resume. Can call with questions.

Willing to consider people with varying skills and levels of exerience.

Our field crew positions are long-term seasonal.

$17-$20/hr, plus overtime, $40/day per diem, travel pay

​​​To apply:

Send a resume to Brooks Priest


contact him at 406-531-7186 for more information