Mine Reclamation

Absaloka Mine
Westmoreland Mining Company – Hardin, MT

WRG has been planting native seedlings annually since 2004 as part of Absaloka Mine’s reclamation program. Mine sites are often harsh environments for seedling establishment. Our crews take great care to place species in the most appropriate locations by taking aspect, microtopography, hydrology, companion planting, and microsite availably into consideration.

In more recent years, WRG has been working with Absaloka reclamation personnel to consult on plant survival issues, and better long-term solutions. Through this collaboration, we can provide the mine with tools to address issues such as browse, water availability and proper species selection.

Kayenta Mine Cultural Plant Restoration Project
Peabody Coal – Kayenta, AZ
​Yearly planting since 2004 of a diverse and unique mix of native seedlings, including 25+ species

Troy Mine
Hecla Mining Company – Troy, MT
Multiple phases of revegetation, up to 100,000 seedlings each, planting a diverse native species mix

Kemmerer Mine
Westmorland Mining Company – Kemmerer, WY
Multiple phases of revegetation planting, and browse control installations

Watershed Restoration Group

Comprehensive Ecological Restoration Contracting