Watershed Restoration Group

Comprehensive Ecological Restoration Contracting

Our Team

WRG’s Key Personnel has 20 years of experience in the field of ecological restoration. Our team represents a unique combination of individual skills and collective experience in providing comprehensive services for small to large-scale ecological restoration projects. 

WRG manages several ongoing multi-year contracts, including yearly sage grouse habitat restoration in Wyoming, Prickly Pear Creek Revegetation, work in East Helena, MT and Mill Pond Dam removal in Eastern Washington.  Our management team has experience running large-scale revegetation projects, as well as smaller, specialized projects. In addition to being skilled in revegetation needs, we also have knowledge about streambank bioengineering projects. We run our crew hands-on, with an exceptional ability to plan a project in detail and follow through using an adaptive, problem-solving approach.

​Our core group of tree planters and restoration technicians bring many years of experience and a diversity of backgrounds to our collaborative efforts. They are passionate and thoughtful about ecological restoration, as is evident in their enthusiasm, quality of work, and professionalism. Their combined talent gives us the ability to perform high quality, efficient work in any situation.