Remote Locations

Dworshak Reservoir Planting
US Army Corps of Engineers – Headquarters, ID

WRG is currently under contract with the US Army Corps of Engineers to plant red stem ceanothus seedlings for winter elk forage. Spring of 2019 will be the fifth year our crew has made the trek into this wild remote location. While the notoriously steep terrain surrounding the Dworshak Reservoir is in itself a challenge, the most challenging aspect of this project is often accessing the rugged planting units. This often requires long treks on ATVs or tracked machines, as well as lots of sweat and grit to move plants and supplies to and throughout planting units. We employ experienced staff that are knowledgeable and hardy enough to carry out such tasks and ensure high standards of planting.  

Our crews are fully equipped to be self-sufficient in remote locations, and are well versed in spending extended periods in spike camps. We take care to follow the principles of leave-no-trace and make safety a top priority whenever working in backcountry or remote locations.

Newsome Creek Revegetation

Nez Perce Tribe / United States Forest Service – Elk City, ID
Planted 10,000+ containerized native plants ranging in size from 1 to 8-gallon. With marginal access, we orchestrated delivery and transport into the remote project site, and throughout the floodplain -- 11 semi loads of plant material. We fielded a large crew with four machines for a month.

Signboard Pass Planting
Nevada Bureau of Land Management – Montello, NV
Contracted to plant 60,000+ bareroot sagebrush across 2000 remote acres

Watershed Restoration Group

Comprehensive Ecological Restoration Contracting