Watershed Restoration Group

Comprehensive Ecological Restoration Contracting

Sagebrush Habitat Restoration

Douglas Core Area Sage Grouse Habitat​​
Douglas Core Area Restoration Team / Chesapeake Energy – Douglas, WY

By award of RFP, WRG has worked with the Douglas Core Area Restoration Team to enhance and restore sage grouse habitat within the Douglas Core Population Area. Because of our original proposal, and then continued quality of work and collaboration, the team has continued to contract and team with us since 2014.

Our primary objective has been to maintain the sage grouse population - and the habitat surrounding their leks – on private ranch lands in the area. Our efforts have included planting over 100,000 sagebrush seedlings; constructing (and then removal of) 4½-miles of fence exclosures, installing over 35,000 mulch mats, mowing, and maintenance.

Hay Ranch Planting
Barrick Gold Nevada – Carlin, NV
Yearly planting of 100,000 sagebrush seedlings across large acreage, and coordination of daily plant deliveries

Twin Buttes Planting
Idaho Bureau of Land Management – Terreton, ID
Planted 100,000 bareroot sagebrush across 200+ acres

50-Mile Flat Planting
Wyoming Bureau of Land Management – Casper, WY
Constructed exclosure fencing, installed weed barrier fabric, planted sagebrush seedlings, mobilized materials into a site with very difficult terrain and access