Wetland and Riparian Projects

Upper Blackfoot Mining Complex Revegetation
Montana Dept. of Justice, Natural Resource Damage Program – Lincoln, MT

The UBMC is a DEQ-regulated Superfund facility located at the headwaters of the Blackfoot River, encompassing the Mike Horse Dam, the Mike Horse Tailings Impoundment, the Upper Blackfoot River and its tributaries. The area has legacy impacts from historic mining activities that seeps from mine tailings, waste repositories, and dam failure.

Watershed Restoration Group has held a revegetation contract with the state for multiple phases of the project. This is a notoriously difficult site with many challenges – environmentally, logically, concerning access, and with very tough soils and substrates for project installation. We successfully met the challenges, and as always, maintained a high-quality implementation.

We installed large-container native plants; built wildlife exclosure fencing; constructed browse control cages; collected native seed for plant propagation; broadcast seeded; collected and spread forest duff; and coordinated plant and material deliveries to the remote site.

Silver Bow Creek Revegetation
Montana Dept. of Justice, Natural Resource Damage Program – Anaconda, MT

For over a decade, yearly planting of 50,000 – 85,000 native plants of varied sizes from 4 cu.in. herbaceous plugs to 30-gallon ball & burlap, coordination of deliveries, appropriate distribution of a diverse mix of 30+ species, browse control fencing construction

Mill Pond Dam Habitat Restoration
Seattle City Light – Metaline Falls, WA
Collected seed for an extensive list of 30 native species for plant propagation, and planted an extensive species mix of seedlings

Prickly Pear Creek Revegetation

Montana Environmental Trust Group – ASARCO Smelter, East Helena, MT
Collected over 100,000 willow stakes and cuttings, installed willow stakes, planted seedlings, herbaceous plugs, larger container stock and B&B salvaged plants according to hydrologic considerations

Yankee Fork Revegetation
Idaho Trout Unlimited / Office of Species Conservation – Upper Salmon River Basin, Stanley, ID
During several phases, machine and hand planted a variety of native plant species of varying sizes, collected and installed willow cuttings and fascines, designed, installed, and maintained a temporary irrigation system

Wimpey Creek Restoration

Idaho Trout Unlimited – Salmon, ID
Constructed ½-mile of wildlife exclosure fencing, collected 25,000 willow cuttings, planted container stock

Racetrack Pond Revegetation

Montana Dept. of Justice, Natural Resource Damage Program – Upper Clark Fork River, MT
Constructed 1½-miles of wildlife exclosure fencing and browse control cages, machine and hand planted container stock and wetland herbaceous plugs

Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat Management Area Revegetation
Wyoming Game & Fish – Lovell, WY
Over multiple contracts, planted seedlings, installed weed deterrent and browse protection materials

Watershed Restoration Group

Comprehensive Ecological Restoration Contracting